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why use replacment led light bulbs?

Unlike traditional lights bulbs sources LED light bulbs do not get hot, so very little energy is wasted as heat. LED's also do not produce ultraviolet or infrared rays which are light waves which can not be seen by the human eye. What LED light bulbs do is convert a higher percentage of energy into light within the visible spectrum which means that less power is required to produce the same amount of useful lights. led street lights,led lights bulbs,led light bulbs,led street light
The life time of replacment led lights bulbs is around 50,000 hours; that means that under normal use LED lights bulbs will not need replacing for 12 years. Using LED lamps means that replacement lights bulbs costs are reduced, as well as man hours spent replacing the lamps. Most LED lights bulbs consume between 1 and 3 Watts of energy. This means that the electricity cost to run an LED street lights bulbs is much lower than standard incandescent, compact fluorescent and halogen lights lamps. In some cases switching to E40 LED corn lamps can yield 95.4% saving on electricity charges.
Some materials used in the manufacture of other lighting sources, such as fluorescent lamps, require the use of harmful chemicals. Fluorescent lights contain mercury, which means that when the lamps comes to the end of its life it has to be disposed of in a landfill site. LED street lamps contain no toxic materials which mean when they come to the end of their life they can be recycled, a better solution for the environment.lights bulbs,led lights bulbs,led light bulbs,led street lights,led lights bulbs

Shanghai aisan electronics Co.,Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, production and sales of replacement led lights bulbs in Shanghai China.The following is our main products: high power replacement LED street lights, T8 LED tube lights,T5 led tube lights,PLL 2G11 led tube lights,led corn lamps,LED par lights,LED spotlights,replacement led light bulbs,LED Inground Lamps,G23 and G24 PLC SMD LED downlights,LED rope lights,LED strips,LED Tunnel Lights,LED auto lights,E40 led corn lamps, LED high bay lights,LED High-power flood Lights,high power led street lights and etc.Most of our led light bulbs products have CE and ROHS certificate. aisics led light,led light factory
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E40/E27 led street lights 30w

led street lights 28w high power led street lights 80w led street lights 60w G53 AR111 led lights 9w led fluorescent tube lights 24w led plant grow lights 90w
PLL 2G11 led tube 18w 2G11 led tube 24w PLL 2G11 led tube 9w T5 led tube lights 9w T5 led tube lights 15w T8 LED tube 20w T8 led tube lights 18w
PLL 2G11 LED tube 18w PLL 2G11 led tube 24w PLL 2G11 led tube 9W T5 led tube lights 9w T5 LED tube lights 15w T8 LED tube 20w T8 LED tube lights 18w
led flood light 50w,led tunnel light 50w g23 led light 11w,g23 led light 8w G24 led light 8W 100w led corn lights 40w led warehouse lights 30w LED corn lights 80w led corn lamps
led flood lights 50w PL G23 led lights 11w PL G24 led light 8w led corn lamp 100w E40/E27 led corn lamp 40w E40/E27 led corn lamp 30w E40 led corn lamp 80w
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LED street lights

PLL 2G11 LED tube,2G11 led tube 18w

PLL 2G11 LED tube


E40/E27 Led Corn lights 100w


china G24 led lights,G24d,g24q,plc led

G24 SMD PLC led replacement downlight 5w/7w/11w/13w


led grille light 600*600mm,led panel light 600*600mm

30w led panel light 600*600mm

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PLL 2G11 LED tube
LED spotlights
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1,our led linear light have some more styles.

2.The exhibition we attention in October:Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)

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3,AISiCS lanched new model E40 led corn lamp from 20w-100W

4,AiSICS T8 led tube light 18w get TUV certificate            ......More

1,LED Street Lights Project in USA at 29th,Oct, 2009

2,LED Street Lights Project in Russia at 25th,Oct, 2010

3,LED Tunnel Lights successful finished in UK at 12th,Oct,2009

3,Aisan finished 2000 pcs led street lights production at 3th,Dec,2013

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